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We're changing the way businesses manage their lead generation campaigns.

Think modern business meets growth hacking. That's us. We're here to change the advertising game. Gone are the days where we relied on old agencies to find new clients for our businesses. We believe in disruptive innovation. 

You either adapt and evolve, or lose. Staying ahead of digital trends is one thing, but completely understanding the changing landscape is another. We've nailed down the science. We design and develop lead generation campaigns that are relevant to today's social world. Ones that reach super targeted audiences and convert more buyers than ever before.

What makes us Stand out from da marketing Crowd?

Luminous Media has a stellar team of 8 artists, musicians, editors, videographers funnel ninjas, and marketing consultants working at your loving service! You are getting your money’s worth! <3 

* We get you concrete, measurable, scalable results *

* We can grow your likes, followers, and get you clients on demand *

 * Our Founder is an award~winning Poet Laureate! *  


The founder of our agency, Lani Park, is an artist. A musician. A hula dancer.  And an award winning writer who was once the Poet Laureate of Queens, New York.  She has won over 5 literary awards, grants and residencies for her writing, and she is multi~lingual ~ in corporate speak, island slang, English, Spanish, Korean, and ad~copy ~ she can custom tailor your ad campaign to fit your audience’s desires, language, and needs. Her first book is studied in Asian American Literature classes in New York, California and Hawaii, and her second book is soon to be published by One World, a division of Penguin Random House!!


Lani has been featured in the New York Times and over 20 other publications,  websites, articles & literary journals, such as Best American Poetry, Beacon Best, and Century of the Tiger: One Hundred Years of Korean Culture in America. How’s that for da most over~qualified professional copy~writer in da game ~ on Your side ~to help you shine a light on your business! <3 

We are also the only marketing agency in the Hawaiian islands that caters to artists, musicians, and people in the health & wellness sector. 

We have a unique pricing structure that allows EVERYONE to be able to receive quality marketing services at a budget they can afford, as long as you put in your bid & are among the first 20 people to reserve your marketing services for the month, you are good to go. Because we believe in community. 

We pay it forward. And we have faith in karma and goodwill, and know that as long as we serve our clients with honesty and give you concrete, measurable results, we ALL win. <3  

Simple as that.


Let's step up your game. 

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