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We help local businesses acquire more paying customers on-demand month after month.

Let us handle bringing in your dream customers, so you can focus on what you do best. 


Don't waste your budget blindly running ads. For all of your objectives of increased traffic, engagement and leads, we'll work alongside you to create a personal strategy to hit every goal.


Your target audience is out there. You just need to find them. We pride ourselves on our growth hacking tactics and strategies to discover fresh new leads and reaching them effectively.


Every business is different. We get it. Whether you're a local shop, online company, or service-based practice, we've got you covered on converting cold online traffic into paying customers.

We focus on the things that matter.

We can get you concrete, measurable, and scalable results ~ guaranteed.

More customers = More cash in your pockets.

Just ask any of these clients below.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Lani is a pleasure to work with. She has been so supportive and creative with her ideas and innovative suggestions! I really appreciate the marketing support and to have a fresh set of eyes helping me. I trust her and I feel grateful to be working with her.

~ Soulasana Yoga

I want to give a heartfelt thanks of gratitude to Lani, business woman extraordinaire for sharing her knowledge, skills and expertise in the media world with me. She is helping me get my long awaited shop up and running. She is gifted with infinite ideas on how to connect with my tribe and grow my business by connecting with others in the world. As an artist, I wish to grow a community of love and appreciation for all beautiful things. If you wish to expand your online presence in the world, Lani of Luminous Media is the One ♥️ Love!

~ Andrena Love

Luminous Media grew my page from 0 likes to over 2,000 in less than a week. She is not only dedicated to helping artists, healers, and creative entrepreneurs, but she is a lovely light of a human being. It is a pleasure to interact and work with her in any way!

~ Elana Bell

I met Lani during a spiritual pilgrimage in Hawaii. I have learned to be wary of strangers as a method of protection. The love, light and warmth of energy that Lani lays at everyone’s feet is so inviting. When I started working with Luminous Media, I saw the energy that Lani emits in action. We were working together on rapidly building one of my businesses Instagram page. I was thoroughly shocked at the exponential growth - even though I had previously been wary of rapid growth. I highly recommend Luminous Media for your promotional and marketing needs!

~ Tyrell C. Marie Blache

Luminous Media took my offerings to the next level! I have much more activity on my page, and people actually see my offerings now! Lani has figured out how to unlock the codes of organic community building on social media! I recommend her whole-heartedly. If you are on the fence about having her super boost your business, music, or project, the answer really is a big YES! You want to have her support you!

~ Robin Liepman

Luminous Media is a Real Thing

Trusted 100 percent 👌🏻

~ David Rodrigo Jiménez

Luminous Media has helped us so much developing a following on our Facebook page. Before we only had a 100 or so people, now we are over 5,000 and growing every day! Thank you Lani and luminous media for all of your help getting our message of health and wellness out there! Highly recommend working with them!

~ Jeanine Alexander

Mahalo Lani for all the help with social media marketing! 
Luminous Media is a great way to kickstart your FaceBook Business page.

~ Daniel Sullivan

A shoutout to Lani & Luminous Media - in just a couple of days, my page jumped up by over 120 LIKES. Exciting to see the engagement. MUCH GRATITUDE! <

~ Stacey McClusky Erdman

We’re not just ‘another’ marketing agency…

We are customer acquisition specialists. We’ll take care of finding you new customers, so you can do you.

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